Whenever you submit a document or fill in a form whilst working on your course, your assessor will need to check your work and that any forms have been completed correctly.

At various stages in this process your assessor will change the status of the current process. You will be notified of this change in status via email.

The following is a list of the status and their meanings

  • Unknown – This means nothing has been done yet, and your assessor has not set any status.
  • Submitted – This means that you have submitted a form or tutorial and your assessor needs to check it.
  • Confirmed – This means your assessor has acknowledged receipt or the sumbitted status but has no checked it yet.
  • Accepted – This means your assessor has checked your work/form and has accepted it as complete.
  • Rejected – This means your assessor has found a problem with the work/form and it needs to be corrected and resubmitted.
  • Competent – This means that you have completed the course and your assessor has confirmed you are competent in the course material, thereby ready to receive your certificate of competence.
  • Not Yet Competent – This means that your assessor has declared you as not competent enough yet in the course material to receive a certificate of competence.