Introduction to Computers

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Delegates who enroll in this course will learn:

  • About computer parts
  • What the operating system is and does
  • How to access the internet
  • Keeping your computer healthy
  • Keeping your information safe


Unit Standard: 117925

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Introduction to Computer Basics

Types of Computers

What is an operating system

Types of Operating Systems

Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer

What are all the buttons, sockets, and slots used for

What is inside a desktop computer

Types of Internet Access

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Hardware Needed

Basic Parts of a Laptop Computer

Setting Up a Desktop Computer

Keep Your Computer Physically Clean and Safe

Tips to Stay Safe

Deleting Files

Emptying the Recycle Bin

Disk Cleanup for Windows

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Why Would You Use a Home Network

What Do I Need to Create a Home Network

What Types of Networks Are There

Terms to Know

Health, Safety and Environment

Vulnerability of data (Data Backup)

Implications of Theft

Computer Viruses, copyright and the law

Working with files and folders