Microsoft Access Intermediate

R899.00 Incl VAT

Delegates who complete this course will learn:

  • About workplans
  • Forms
  • Filters
  • Queries
  • Reports and printing


Unit Standard: 116927

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Developing a Work Plan

Elements of a Work Plan

Creating Database Tables and Data Entry Forms

Changing Formats in a Form

Adding a Header and Footer to a Form

Rearranging Fields of the Form

Saving a Data Entry Form

Entering Data into a Database using a Form

Deleting a Form

Retrieving Information using Filtering

Creating Filters

Removing a Filter


Add and Remove a Field from a Query

Hiding Fields within Queries

Sorting Data in a Database Query

Creating a Report for a Database Table

Formatting Reports

Modifying the Page Header and Footer

Grouping Data in a Report

Resizing Rows and Columns

Saving and Deleting a Report

Performing Advanced Printing Options

Printing a Form

Printing Query Results

Preview and Print a Report