Microsoft Outlook Advanced

R899.00 Incl VAT

Delegates who enroll in this course will learn:

  • How to manage and organize messages
  • How to use contacts
  • How to use the calendar
  • Create distribution lists
  • How to use Tasks


Unit Standard: 258897

Course Schedule

  1. Searching for messages
  2. Arranging messages
  3. Using categories
  4. Organise messages into folders (rules)
  5. Archiving messages
  6. Using multiple time zones
  7. Explore options of printing a calendar
  8. Linking to an online calendar
  9. Working with multiple calendars
  10. Searching for contact information
  11. Organising contacts by using categories
  12. Creating distribution lists
  13. Creating additional address books
  14. Creating and formatting business graphics
  15. Personalising the appearance of messages
  16. Adding signatures to messages
  17. Scheduling, updating and cancelling meetings
  18. Responding to meeting requests
  19. Creating a task or an appointment from a message
  20. Sending calendar information in an e-mail