Microsoft Outlook Basic

R899.00 Incl VAT

This course is designed for new users to MS Outlook who have not had any formal training in the MS Outlook environment.


Delegates who enroll in this course will learn:

  • How to get started with MS Outlook
  • How to send, receive and print an email
  • Organising your folders
  • Send, receive and saving attachments


Unit Standard: 116945

Use electronic mail to send and receive messages

Course Schedule

  1. Exploring the concepts of email
  2. Basics of Sending and Receiving
  3. Exploring the Outlook Express Screen
  4. Sending a New E-mail
  5. Receiving E-mail
  6. Formatting Mail Messages
  7. Setting the Priority of a Mail Message
  8. Managing connections
  9. Deleting Messages
  10. Replying to an E-mail
  11. Sending one E-mail to many
  12. Forwarding an email Message
  13. Copying Information from Emails
  14. The Drafts Folder
  15. Working with Folders
  16. Using the Address Book
  17. Working with Attachments
  18. Sending and receiving an Attachment